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Q1. How many cubes I can submit online at a time using EPTC website?
Q2. If I need any additional information about new iCube system website, whom should I contact?
Q3. What is I:Cube System ?
Q4. What is "additional cube"?
Q5. How to use Radio Frequency identification (RFID) Tag on concrete cube.
Q6. Why is the RFID tag comes in either "green", Red" or "Black" colour?
Q7. What is the 1st digit of the MixID represent?
Q8. What is the 2nd digit of the MIDIX represent (For Building & UpGrading Contract)?
Q9. What is the MIXID used for grout, mortar ferrocement (For Building and Upgrading contract) ?
Q10. How to do data entry using ICube system?
Q11. What is "Number of Mix" in User Info module?
Q12. What to do if you have registered too many tag cube online?
Q13. Can I register cube day/days before casting?
Q14. How to assign new mix for the running contract?
Q15. What is the mixid for PBFC concrete?
Q16. What is the mixID for piling grout?
Q17. What is the mixid for Self Compacting concrete?
Q18. What is the MIXID for precastor?
Q19. Fax number & address of EMLab
Q20. What to do upon cubes collection?
Q21. What To Do If Ecube System Down,Unable To Register Cubes,Error In Registeration Of Cubes
Q22. What to do for submision of Sand, Cement ,Aggregate and Steel Reinforcement
Q23. What The Worktype Stand For?
Q24. What Users should do before registration of concrete cube samples in iCube?
Q25. What Users should do to make amendments to concrete cube samples already registered in iCube?
Q26. What the User should do for the return of RFID Tags?
Q27. Form for request fo iCube account
Q28. Am I allow to edit cube information after registered the cube?
Q29. What to do upon run out of RFID tags
Q30. What is the Hotline Contact No. in the event of breakdown of Icube System.
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